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We had a day off of school today and rather than go out for an adventure we decided to stay in and play some games and watch a movie together. We watched Toy Story 4 and I think everyone enjoyed it. I did find it more emotional the second time but then again I had just worked a 12 hour overnight shift and I am more susceptible to big feelings when I’m exhausted. I had through that the last movie was a good end point but they managed to make a great story that gives another good ending.

Amigo GamesI had been sent a couple of table top games to try out and they will be featured in my video holiday gift guide coming in November. I’ll be showcasing different toys every day on the YouTube channel and on this blog.

The games we got were from Amigo games and they were X-Code a cooperative game that focuses on communication so that everyone an work together to crack a code in 3 minutes. We played a couple of rounds of this and it was fun and quick and easy. The other game was called Carnival of Monsters and this one was much more in depth. I think I started to lose everyone as I read through the rules. We muddled through the first round and then were able to pick up the game and get into it. Lots of strategy and fun to it. I’ll be talking about it much more in a few weeks.

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