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With Zax
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I received a free blogger/influencer package from Zing Toys with ZAX inside. They sent a target, 4 Zax axes and the package was incredible! I will be doing a review at a later date. Opinions are my own.

Axe throwing is a new trend with Axe throwing bars and locations popping up everywhere. Well, it is a bit too heavy and dangerous for kids so Zing created Zax. I saw these at Sweet Suite and had to check them out. I’ve had a couple of them for a while but no target. Now I have a perfect target for them and Andrew and I will be playing with these often. The full review will be part of my Video Holiday gift guide in November.

Z-Ax Blogger activation

I did bring the pack to work so everyone could try them out during out downtime.

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Axe Throwing

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